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We have just come from a stay in Barcelona. My friends advised me to go see a sex show. My wife, Carol, 38yrs, youporn 5'8 'tall, blonde ( dyed ), 38d bust and a smooth shaved pussy came with me on our first night there. It's youporn not cheap, plus 70 € per piece and a free drink. Shown a continuous cycle, two hours from 23 to 05 00 00 hours. Carol youporn had never been to a live sex show. the 3 or 4 files were single women and extracting objects Great Voices insert their pussies. Then aa a lesbian show male and female couple fucking followed in various positions, so no matter where you sit, youporn I had a good look at the girl gets fucked and sucks her man. liked the last act of the cycle, a girl with big breasts , the two types of shit. She was sucking and gets fucked by the other. One guy had a 10-inch ESRD position and the other guys dick was 8 inches. There was public participation, especially the guys who suck cock and masturbated. When we were back at the hotel desparet Caroland to be fucked. The next night, she insisted we go back, but later in the second clock about to 30 to see the end of the cycle of events that have submitted five 00th whlie Cerrado were sitting there, they said they had less bra and panties. I had no idea what would happen next. The last act came after the two boys and the girl was over, Carol had been obivious to the men on stage, hot and ready to open her legs and lifted her skirt. She took to the stage and pulled it. She is on her knees and gave the man with the 10-inch prick a blowjob. The second type has on his back and got between her legs and licked her pussy Carol. The girl, who had condemned her, approached me and pulled out my cock and slapped me. Carol groaned when I heard she came. The guy she was sucking pulled his cock from her mouth, she jerked and exploded in the face with his sperm. Seeing this, I came to the mouth of the girl. We clean, Thaker evEryon and left. We only youporn had two nights there, but plans to return in July to more shows.
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Mardi 8 mai 2 08 /05 /Mai 18:00

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